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Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India

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Jalaj - Connecting River and People to Realize Arth Ganga

Under National Mission for Clean Ganga (NMCG) Project Wildlife Institute of India, (WII) has developed a trained cadre of volunteers from the local community, known as Ganga Praharis. These Ganga Praharis are working for biodiversity conservation and Ganga rejuvenation. The project aims to realize Arth Ganga in the Ganga River basin by linking local livelihoods with aquatic conservation, through Jalaj.

JalajĀ is a concept to establish symbiotic linkages between river and people. Jalaj are also visualized as models for livelihood diversification, through promotion of local produce, and are aimed as models for strengthening women participation in ecological and economic spheres. Communities thus empowered, will be resilient and will make informed decisions related to natural resources. The Jalaj models are also envisioned as tools to achieve SDGs, and would act as model for nature-based solutions for addressing climate change and provide human well-being and biodiversity benefits by protecting, sustainably managing and restoring ecosystems.