Ganga Praharis, the leaders from local community will be the role models and inspire other members of the community to join hands in the efforts for conservation of the Rivers. Each Prahari shall work on the model of ‘Each One make Ten’. Ganga Praharis will ensure their proactive role from respective sites. Therefore, Ganga Prahari will be the key person leading conservation activities.

Each Ganga Praharis will be the key persons for :

Community mobilization for maintaining integrity of the River ecosystem.

Liaision with the local Forest Department staff in maintaining a clean and vibrant river by providing support for biodiversity monitoring, anti-poaching operations, plantation & cleanliness drives.

Assist NMCG-WII teams in preparation, coordination and implementation of village level microplans.

Act as the convergence point for developmental activities, alternate livelihood programmes and biodiversity conservation to reduce direct resource dependency on the River.