जैव विविधता रिपोर्ट
क्र.सं. विषय डाउनलोड
1 Exploratory survey on Hilsa (Tenualosa ilisha) catch and life stages availability along up / down stream of Farakka Barrage - CIFRI PDF
2 Status report - WII PDF
3 Ganga Biodiversity at a Glance - WII PDF
4 Ganges River Dolphin Conservation Education Programme - CEE PDF
5 DPR for Forestry Interventions for Ganga - Vol-I - FRI PDF
6 DPR for Forestry Interventions for Ganga - Vol-II - FRI PDF
7 Mid Term Report-Assesment of fish and fisheries of Ganga River System for developing suitable conservation and restoration plan PDF

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